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How to Answer the Most Repetitive and Boring Interview Questions without Boring Yourself and the Interviewer

In a Forbes article, How To Ace The 50 Most Common Interview Questions, you can see for yourself how interview questions are almost set in a template. They are repeated to death and most probably with little variation.

In fact, I bet most of us can expect what type of questions we would probably receive before stepping into the interview room.

But that’s the problem.

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Holding Yourself Together and Pushing Through When All You Feel Like Doing is Quitting

Without wasting a second of your time, let’s dive in.

1) Take a Step Back

When feelings overwhelm you and you feel that you just can’t take it anymore and want to throw in the towel, don’t give in.

Give yourself some breathing room.

Tell yourself, “You know what, I don’t need this right now. I am going to just take a step back. I am going to give myself a break I deserve so that I can deal with this with a cool head when I feel calm and collected.”

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