Is there a Best Color to Wear on a Job Interview?

First impressions are crucial, particularly in the current job environment, where companies usually interview a few scores of people, if not more, for a single position. With competition being as tough as it is today, it is important for job applicants to be mindful about each and everything, and this includes their choice of dress […] Read more

Employees Leave Good Bosses Nearly as Often as Bad Ones

MARCH 08, 2016 By Sumita Raghuram and Xiangmin Liu Conventional wisdom says that people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. Yet our research — and growing evidence from other leadership studies — finds that employees leave both good and bad bosses at almost comparable rates. In our recently published research article with Sumita Raghuram and Xiangmin Liu, […] Read more

How to Prepare to Interview a Veteran When most corporate recruiters and hiring managers interview a veteran, they treat the process as if the candidate were just like everyone else. On one level, this is good, because it ensures equality of opportunity and compliance with both human resources law and common sense. Companies are losing out on the high value of quality […] Read more

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