Why you should hire back former employees

A good human resource team is the backbone of any organization, big or small. Companies spent a lot of time, energy, and money just to hire the best fit through a robust selection process involving several stages. Rehiring ex-employees is an increasingly popular trend with recruitment managers nowadays, and for good reasons. One, it takes away the uncertainty factor, for the person has spent time with you in the past and you both know each other’s strong and weak points.

Hiring experts approve this trend almost wholeheartedly and believe the practice, when followed wisely, can work to the benefit of the employer. There is a general consensus that a performing employee who left due to unavoidable personal circumstances should be assimilated into the system without much ado if an opening is there. Experts also opine that deserving candidates, if they are genuinely willing to come back to the pack, can also be hired again following a good performance in the selection process.

Some compelling reasons why hiring ex-employees is a great idea are:

  • Better and faster assimilation into the company’s culture: Hiring back an ex-employee can be a good move for companies as the recruited resource is well accustomed with the company’s policies and work culture and so will fit into the scheme of things instantly.


  • More likely to stay: Rehiring former employees is also favorable as there are fewer chances now that they will quit quickly. Their wish to rejoin confirms that they think it to be most advantageous for them to be a part of your team. Otherwise, why would they be interested in joining back? Wouldn’t they be looking employment elsewhere if they think a better opportunity can be found elsewhere? Because of their keen interest in joining once again, they are likely to be more motivated to contribute to the growth of the company, with whose growth they now see their own growth.


  • You get good employees back: Employees who have left due to personal reasons like pregnancy, motherhood, spousal relocation or medical emergencies should be hired. These employees are a good pool of resource and their contribution can be very beneficial for the company.


  • You can gain from their experience: Former employees know the work culture in your organization. They, by the virtue of working for other employers for the past few years, can help you learn the best practices of other companies and assimilate them into your functioning. This, in turn, will help you improve efficiency and productivity.


  • Make you a more respectable employer: Hiring back former employees who were originally laid off due to bad economy will enhance your goodwill.


While hiring ex-employees is advantageous to the employer, it should be done with some caution. Employees who were terminated because of poor performance or unethical conduct are not a good bet, so are the candidates who have not performed commendably in their present employment. Similarly, candidates who have relevant expertise and good track record but lack in professional attitude should be passed for other candidates.

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