6 Ways to Be More Assertive In the Job

Assertiveness is the right way to gain respect in your company and help your colleagues and superiors show more confidence in you. No one likes to be a pushover, so people will appreciate you if you speak your mind and take up challenges with ease. Everyone would be willing be to hear your voice because you bring different things to the table with your own views. Your assertiveness won’t be seen as overbearing, as long as you’re receptive to what others have to say.

Be who you are, just an improved version of yourself…

It can get intimidating to share your comments and feedback with your colleagues and superiors especially when you are an introvert. The good news is that you don’t have to change your personality in order to be respected and heard. When you advance in your career, being vocal during meetings, sharing your valuable comments and making sure they are heard exudes assertiveness, confidence and gives a better glimpse of who you really are.

Why silence is not a good strategy…

When you ask for reassurance or waiver in words and actions, you lose respect and trust. If you get nervous, your team also falls apart. If you go along with what people say for each and everything, you will lose credibility. So you have to act self-confident and believe in your abilities.

Tips to be more assertive…

Here are 6 ways to be more assertive in the workplace. Move out of your comfort and begin with small steps!

  1. Be proactive – By demonstrating your ability to think and plan ahead, you earn trust from your co-workers that you have got the present work under control and are a capable employee. Also don’t wait for an opportunity to talk. The right time is here and now. Practise being the first to speak.
  2. Welcome the uncomfortable – Don’t skirt around issues. Take it on the chin and address difficult issues without misdirecting blame on others. You can demonstrate self-assurance by being real and down-to-earth. This will help you in confronting issues and lead to a lot of supporters.
  3. Ask questions – It is never wrong to ask questions. This is an easy way to assert yourself without making others feel bad.
  4. Offer suggestions – Never criticize other people’s views or get downright defensive from the get go. Instead of telling someone blatantly that they are wrong, offer suggestions. This will soften the blow. Another important thing to keep in mind is to never end a statement with a question. This means that you are having doubts in what you are saying.
  5. Keep it simple – When offering suggestions or addressing issues, keep it short and sweet. You need to get to the point as quickly as possible without prattling on and on. Save the details for later. This way you will be more successful.
  6. Exude positive body language – Maintain eye contact and good posture when conversing with someone or in a group. It exudes an overall feeling of self-confidence in what you are saying and the person that you are.

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