Is there a Best Color to Wear on a Job Interview?

First impressions are crucial, particularly in the current job environment, where companies usually interview a few scores of people, if not more, for a single position. With competition being as tough as it is today, it is important for job applicants to be mindful about each and everything, and this includes their choice of dress and body language.

However, many interviewees overlook one important aspect which can make or break their first impression—color.

Your clothing’s color tells a lot about the kind of personality you have. The right kind of colors can help you come across as someone who’s confident, professional, and malleable and thus enhance your selection chances.

Read on to know the best colors to wear on a job interview.

Pick Solids—and not Patterns
Nothing hurts your selection chances more than a dress that shouts for attention.

After the interview is over, you want the HR manager to remember you for your skills, confidence, and presentation skills—but not for your whacky dressing sense. Solid colors make you look neat and don’t attract attention to your dress.

Dark gray, black, and solid navy suits are ideal for the interview. They look professional and subtle. If you love patterns and just can’t do without them, wear small patterns, such as thin pinstripes. Big patterns, however, are a complete no-no.

Pick Neutrals—and not Brights
The same logic of ensuring that the HR manager doesn’t remember you for your dress applies here, too

In case your dress or suit is brightly colored, chances are that the interview will remember you for your dress instead of your qualifications.

The ideal colors to wear for an interview are neutral colors: black, navy, brown, and gray. White is another color you can consider, particularly for a button-down shirt or blouse.

A dash of color on an otherwise neutral outfit is allowed. For instance, female applicants can wear a light blue blouse below their black or grey suit. Similarly men appearing for leadership positions can go for a pop of bright color like a red tie or scarf.

With that said, you shouldn’t wear more than one brightly colored item, but the bright color shouldn’t the dominant one in your dress.

Research the Company’s Environment
Before the job interview, research a little about the work environment of the company. This will help you pick the colors that are right according to that company’s environment.

For instance, if the company has a casual environment, you can certainly add a dash of color to your dress or choose softer colors, like a light blue blouse, which convey distinct personality but are not overwhelming. However, if the company’s environment is formal, you would be better off by sticking to neutral, solid colors. On the other hand, if you work in the fashion industry, you can be a tad creative in what you wear to show off your dressing style.

In case you’re not sure about the kind of work culture the employer has, play it safe by wearing solid, neutral colors.

What These Colors Convey
Did you know that different colors draw out different responses from us, even though we often are unaware of them?

Your choice of dress color will affect the way the interviewer perceives you as a person when he or she first glances at you. Here are the best colors for the job interview, as well as emotions they arouse. Choosing the suitable right colors might help you show yourself off in a certain way.

It conveys leadership, power, and authority. Save it for managerial positions. You can also wear it for an interview at a law firm or other offices with conservative work environment.

Black can appear quite domineering in a casual work environment. However, it can be used an effective ascent color (a tie or scarf) to convey a feeling of leadership without being overly domineering.

White makes you come across as someone who’s simple, organized, detail-oriented, truthful and approachable. It is a suitable color for blouses and shirts.

Grey evokes neutrality and sophistication. It is a suitable color for a suit. It makes you look powerful, without being too overwhelming.

Brown sends the message that you’re reliable and comforting. It’s an effective neutral, solid color.

This is one color you can safely wear to any job interview. It evokes confidence, trust, and calmness. Many people love blue more than other colors, so wearing a color that might be your interviewer’s favorite might help you make a nice first impression.

Red is associated with passion and energy. A dash of red (like in a tie or scarf) can make you come across as a passionate person without making you look overly emotional.

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