Does Knowing Someone Get YOU Work?

Looking for a job in today’s environment is really the toughest job. There is competition every which way you look. For someone to really make their way through this kind of a minefield, they have to be either, Einstein and Steve Jobs rolled in to one or a Jack of all trades and Master of all too!

Think about it, the world thrives on this kind of competition and it is the survival of the fittest. So while looking for a job it really helps if you have friends and contacts that you have made along the way. Of course you should also be keeping in touch with everyone. If you haven’t then this is a good time to start.


PR or Public Relations is very important, and you can’t stress enough on this. At any given time your PR skills must be up and running, polished and there for everyone to see. It shows you to be a pro-active and result oriented kind of person.

Get your PR in place and, the next time you are on a job hunt, you’ll find that knowing someone does help in, at the very least, getting a foot in an otherwise crowded door.

Today people are looking for employees who are going to be an asset to the company. Prospective employees are vary of complete strangers even though they have a fabulous resume. Referrals play a very important role at such times.

Knowing People

It’s a mad mad world out there and if you have someone on your side who says, yeah! I know this guy/ girl/ …heard of him/her or /he’s/she’s an acquaintance, it will work in your favor.  Decisions are tough. They can be right or wrong. Having someone vouch for you can help sway the decision your way.

One of the best ways to keep yourself in the loop, so to speak, is to stay connected with anyone and everyone you happen to meet. Networking, in today’s parlance, is very essential to landing the job of your dreams.

Sometimes it’s the “who” you know that matters more than who all you know.

There are influential people and then there are people out there. You need to be in on at least a few of the influential ones. Of course, this does not mean you stalk them. It’s a good idea to move around, try and meet people whenever the opportunity presents itself, of course, in a subtle and unobtrusive manner.

It’s not a bad idea to start this festive season but network in a diplomatic manner, don’t be over impulsive and over ambitious. Even if you know people, restraint is always a good idea. No one likes an over-aggressive and pushy kind of a person. Then even the person who knows you may back out of actually trying/wanting to help.

It’s all about knowing someone in the industry to really boost your chances of getting a job but it is also up to you, as a person and your qualifications that make it a package deal.

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