Is It Time For A New Job? 6 Ways to Find Out

One of the most challenging questions you have to ask yourself as a career oriented man or woman is whether it’s time to move from your current job to another better opportunity.

You may have faced this question multiple times but didn’t delve deeper into your introspection of where your career is going because of the fear losing something that you have worked hard for or uncertainty that change invariable always entails.

Leaving a job too early, a job in which you could have moved much ahead if you had showed more patience can become a cause for repentance later on. However, staying too long on a job, not only prevents you from finding something better, but also gradually dents your confidence.

Here are 6 ways to find out if you need to find yourself a new job and move on from your old role:

  1. Are you enjoying your work? 

This may seem like a cliché, but the most obvious question is often the most overlooked or undervalued. People may say things like, “Yes, I am enjoying my work, but…..”


If your words show this pattern, something is definitely amiss. It is important to enjoy what you are doing every day. You need to feel passionate about going to work every day. If you think about getting your job done with enthusiasm and vigour, it makes sense to move on to the next set of questions below. If not, then it’s pretty simple – you need to find another job.


  1. Do you like and respect your superiors? 

Many people have the wrong notion that they should hate their bosses and suffer in silence in order to progress in a company. This can be only far from the truth. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations where you need to work or report to a superior or manager who does not fit in the category of an ideal boss. But if it gets to the point where things start proving too difficult to swallow, just acquire the relevant skills and experience you need to make a career change and move on.


  1. Are you growing?


Ask yourself if you are learning and growing in your role every day. If you think you have peaked or feel that you have stagnated, it’s time to look for a better role, something that is challenging and attainable. Learning new things develops your character and work persona.


  1. Does your job role align with your long-term goals?

It is important to really know that your job and career is going somewhere. You need to know where your role fits in and compare it to your career aspirations. Sometimes job roles need to be changed if it doesn’t align with your long-term goals. If you are struggling with this issue, think about discussing it with a life coach to help you figure things out.


  1. Is your job making you overly stressed out? 


This one is the nail on the head. If you are overly stressed and frustrated about your job, it is time to move in. You may feel miserable about working in the same office day in and day out, with the same schedules and answering to the same superiors. After all your health and happiness is more important. Stress leads to depression and illness.  No job is too important to sacrifice your life for.


  1. Are you too scared to take the leap? 

Fear is often the reason we  get stuck and stay stuck in the same place. Don’t be afraid to take on new roles just because you are not overly confident about it. After all, you learn from mistakes.  It may be risky to change jobs, but you can build new work relationships and improve work/life skills.

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