Happy New Year and Refresh Your Career!

Someone once said that change is good. Of course one could argue that it depends on what kind of change but, think about it, when was the last time you thought of change. Not change, as in change the bed linen or rearrange the house, but change in a big way, like, your career maybe!

We all have a tendency to settle down in to a nice routine where everything happens the way it should and when it should. It also means we tend to get stuck in a rut and life takes on a distinctly monotonous hue.

But you can make a change, one that won’t cause an upheaval in your otherwise well settled life, but one that will make you feel rejuvenated and alive again.  You can take a good hard look at your personal and professional life and hit the Refresh Button! 

First take a good look at your personal life. Maybe there are a few minor tweaks needed to make it all fresh and alive again. Be objective so you don’t upset an otherwise well run household. It’s always good to refresh.

Refresh, if you are looking for a job

Looking for a job? It’s a good idea to get some work done before you start with the interviews. This way you give yourself an edge over other wannabes.

Start with your social media profiles. Update them, remove old outdated irrelevant information and give it a nice spanking new look. Change your photos to more professional and current ones. Add business contacts and connections if you have made any new ones.

Move on to your resume. Bring it up-to-date with your qualifications and latest work related information. Remember to check the recent developments in Resume writing. You don’t want to look outdated and old-fashioned. Add information about your Blogs or Portfolios if you have any and put in the relevant links. Prospective employers like to know about the person they plan to hire.

Already working? Refresh yourself!

In your workplace too, you can take a long hard look at what you are doing, what you are achieving in terms of your goals, where are you going in this line and so on.

Look at refreshing yourself by chucking out the old, outdated and old fashioned. Get with the beat, bring in comfortable furniture, modern, with clean and angular lines.  Get your email inbox tidied up and put a system in place. Not only will it help you attend to all the mail, it shows you as an organized and methodical person, which is always a good trait to show, right?

Next, get in touch with your contacts and get your networking going again. It very easy to vanish in to cyberspace these days. The old maxim of “out of sight, out of mind” holds very true even in this day and age of constant connectivity.

Refresh your career with a few tweaks here and there and you’ll find that the monotony and rut you may have found yourself in, is no longer there.

It’s always a good idea to change, refresh and reboot your life every once in a while.

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