The Real Reasons Your Employees Come to Work

So you thought your employees come to work just because you pay them really well. Or that by upping their remuneration you can curtail your employee turnover rates. Well, if you think so, it is time that you delve deeper into the real reasons which trigger your employees to come to work every day.

“The larger the monetary reward, the poorer the performance. – money doesn’t motivate us, at all, instead emotions do.” 

Who said money is the main motivator and emotions are relegated to the background when it comes to one’s profession? Psychologists Steven Kramer and Teresa Amabile in their survey conducted on 600 managers found out that a whopping 95 percent of them considered money and obtaining bonuses to be the driving factor in getting their employees to the workplace. Contrary to what these managers thought a sneak into 12,000 diaries of employees revealed the fact that the top motivating aspect that made them drive in to their office was not the financial incentive. It was the feeling of success and progress that made them an integral part of the organizational growth. Here are some real reasons which really make your employees happy and satisfied to come to work.

A Sense of Teamwork: Humans love to be in groups, in teams. You hit a sports event at your kid’s school and you see children performing better in relays than events where they participate as an individual. You visit a park and you see older people happier indulging in activities which necessitate them to be in groups. The sense of teamwork triggers individuals to work better to feel an integral part of a team as they strive to contribute towards the goal of the team in particular and that of the company in a broader sense.

Encouragement of Individual Ideas: If you have been one of those farsighted employers who take great care to not only ask your employees to drop in their suggestions but also make them comfortable in proposing new ideas, you bet it can be one of those big reasons for getting them to work. Even if their proposals do not seem appropriate for that particular project, your caring and gentle attitude of probing will only inspire them to think better the next time.

Fair Treatment in accordance with work: May be you have the acumen to understand individual nuances and what would be the best way to provide motivation to each of them. May be you know just how to reward one in tune with the work he or she has done in comparison to others. Your knowledge and experience as a leader or employer may have helped you understand who would feel boosted by a simple pat on the back and who would require more regular appreciations to remain motivated.

Development of Skills and Knowledge: Nothing can up the spirits of a professional than knowing that the company takes efforts to hone his skills and expertise on a regular basis. Even if you may think that your employees cringe at attending seminars and training sessions meant for their skill development, the knowledge they gain at the end of it all make them feel more confident and feel a more significant part of the organization.

If you as an employer have been practicing these tactics time to time, you can proudly say that you have a pool of happy employees who will stick to their jobs even if they happen to win a million dollar lottery, just because they love their work and the company itself.

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