Thank You by Email- Sending Email Thank You Letters

Have you ever sent a Thank You letter after finishing a job interview? If the answer is ‘no’, you might be missing out on a very crucial and useful opportunity. Many people make the mistake of not sending Thank You letters to recruiters after completing their job application process, but the fact is that many recruiters feel this letter can make a huge difference. Many job recruiters prefer candidates who have taken the time and effort to send a Thank You letter, and feel that those who do not send them are not serious about getting the job or forget about them completely.

Thank You letters have traditionally been handwritten, but the fast pace with which businesses function have made the handwritten letter fall out of favor due to the popularity of emails. A Thank You letter sent through email is more professional and speedy, which is very important when the employer is trying to make the hiring decision very quickly. If you have never sent a Thank You letter before, you should start right now, and the following tips will help you make a good one.

What should a Thank You letter contain?

A Thank You letter generally contains the following:

• Formal thanks for interviewing and considering the applicant
• Confirmation that the applicant does indeed want the job
• A quick promotional line or two about how the candidate would be perfect for the job

If you can get these three elements in your Thank You letter, you can stand a better chance of getting the job.

Why should you write a Thank You letter?

The main reason for sending a Thank You letter is obviously to thank the employer for taking the time to review your application and considering you for the job. However, the letter serves more than this purpose. Your Thank You letter also reinforces your interest in the job, which is something a recruiter would really appreciate. If your interview or application process did not go as well as you planned, you can use the Thank You letter to let address those shortcomings and take care of them in the best way possible.

Moreover, you can also use the letter as another small way of promoting yourself as the best candidate. You can write why you would be perfect for the job, your qualifications, and how you can contribute to the company. All these elements help impress the recruiters and keep your application fresh in their mind.

Apart from all this, you can use the Thank You letter to discuss anything that your recruiters may have forgotten or neglected. You could also state whatever you had wanted to during the interview, but did not get the chance to do so.

Irrespective of what you write in your Thank You letter, you should remember that it is meant to be short and concise. A lengthy letter will not find many readers, and your efforts would go in vain. All the points you are trying to make should be written in brief when you write your Thank You letter.

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