In-Person Job Applications (Applying for a job in-person)

In-person job applications have been around since the times when the internet did not exist and the only mouse one could think of was the one that lived in sewers and drains.

However, the advent of the internet and online applications has not really been able to do much to impact the importance and popularity of in-person job applications. On the contrary, in-person job applications have been one of the preferred modes of applications in many organizations.

Many organizations still place a lot of emphasis on printed applications so that they can have your signature. However, there are a few tips and techniques that you need to keep in mind before applying for a job in person.

  • If you are applying for a job in a large organization, it makes sense to first confirm whether a suitable vacancy exists at all. If there is none and you send in your application, your application may not be looked at and could perhaps remain unconsidered when a vacancy actually arises.

In a large organization, it is appropriate to talk to the human resources department and ask for an appropriate application form. In a smaller organization, you may ask to see the hiring manager and enquire about the vacancies.

  • Many organizations that accept in-person applications insist on filling a paper application form, and thus, you must come prepared with all the required details to fill the form up.
  • You will need the following information to complete an in-person application form:
    • Your full address and other contact information (for example: zip code, phone number, and mobile number)
    • Educational qualifications and details of academic performance right from the start
    • Details of extracurricular activities and achievements, if any
    • Names and addresses of previous employers and references from appropriate contacts from the previous organizations
    • Details of passport and details of visa
    • You will also need to take care of the following things while you are applying in person for a job:
      • Wear formal attire; many organizations may not have a dress code as such, but it is deemed safe to wear formal clothing during such instances.
      • Be prepared if an organization representative wants to have a quick on the spot interview with you. It may be wise to have a list of possible questions in mind and prepare yourself accordingly.
      • Make sure that you have groomed your hair and fingernails properly.
      • Make sure that the shoes you wear are formal as well and not too flashy or flamboyant, as that can put the employer off.
      • It may be a smart thing to do a follow-up after a week in the form of a phone call or an e-mail about the status of the application.

In-person job applications can help you reap rich benefits if you happen to follow the right techniques and are able to market yourself well at the right time and in the right place.

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