5 Things to Do When Your Boss Stresses You Out

Are you feeling overworked and stressed out? Is your boss driving you to the point of insanity? Many of us have worked with difficult bosses who never seem to appreciate our hard work. There is also something or the other to criticize and drive us to the place where we end up hating our job.

According to statistics, 60% of employees have complained that their bosses had damaged their confidence and self-esteem, while one-third of those numbers felt that their managers and higher authorities were not calm or constructive. If you would like to survive working in a company with a tough boss and live to tell about it, you can try out these 5 simple things to do when you are really frustrated and stressed.

  • Identify Triggers

This may seem simple, but can be hard to find out. You need to know what exactly sets off your boss on an angry rampage. There could be certain things you say or do that could get his/her blood pressure rising. You can avoid such meltdowns by analysing the situations where they are angry and vicious. For example, if your boss gets ticked off when you are a minute late from resuming work after lunchtime, be vigilant about the time and your punctuality.

  • Get a thick skin

Stick and stones may not break your bones, but names will definitely hurt you! It can get downright deflating to work for a boss who ridicules and criticizes your every move. This will impact your productivity, your confidence and most importantly, your self-esteem. So don’t take your boss’ words or actions personally. You know that it is all about them at the end of the day.

  • Document all the details

Verbally abusive bosses can ruin your reputation around your colleagues. No one likes to be at the center of a personal discrimination. You need to keep everything documented like important emails and conversations in a file, especially when the abuse goes overboard. Working with difficult bosses makes it harder for you to succeed or accomplish anything, leave alone get through to the end of the work day.

  • Stay in your space

Working for a difficult boss who is an incompetent jerk is bad enough. It can get extremely stressful and challenging, but remind yourself that you are competent enough to handle anything. After all, you are well qualified to work for him/her in the first place. It is important to remain truthful to who you are as a person. If your boss is unethical or immoral, never stoop down to his/her behavior. Keep that chin up and move forward.

  • Explore new opportunities

When everything else fails and becomes unbearable, it is time to seek out new opportunities. You don’t want to waste your time, talent and effort on a person who doesn’t appreciate you or your work. You may have reached the point where every day at the office becomes a living hell. So shake the dust off and put the bounce back in your step!

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