10 Signs You’re Ready for a New Career

Many choose to deny the fact that career transitions are part and parcel of our working lives, but staying put at a job for as long as possible does not necessarily mean it’s the best case scenario. It may make a person appear loyal and dedicated to a corporation, but there could be unspoken and unseen concerns bubbling below the surface. And when these concerns reach the breaking point, it causes you to reevaluate your career choices.

There could be a myriad of factors determining whether or not you have overstayed your welcome at your current vocation, but not all reasons and motivations to transit to a new career have to be negative. The focus shouldn’t be just about quitting your job but a transition for the better. Instead of seeing it simply as an end to a journey, no matter how bad the experience may have been, there should always be a silver lining—a new career, with better prospects, and a brighter road ahead.

After all, you could be dissatisfied with your colleague yet feel a sense of pride in what you do. You could feel undervalued and stagnant, yet be happy with the current compensation package and benefits. The list can go on, but all in all, readiness for a new career could be a mix of positive and negative, a balance of push and pull factors.

To encourage you that you’re not alone if you’re unsure it’s time for you to consider a career switch or move, and that it’s not a bad thing if you’re feeling so, we’ve put together 10 signs you’re ready for a new career. Have a read and let us know what you think.

1.     You lack passion; youre bored and stagnating at your job

You’re no longer excited by the projects you work on and feel immensely bored by the routine. It’s normal to feel tired and overwhelmed by work at times, but if you no longer feel up for the challenge, and wish the job gets delegated to someone else except you, then that’s a problem.

Worse, you feel stagnant. Nothing seems to get you motivated or enthusiastic at work anymore.

2.     You feel energised at the thought of a new job

While you feel stagnant at work, your mind starts wandering and you begin thinking. What if there are better opportunities out there? Or you begin visualising the new office environment, your new work desk with a different layout, getting along well and feeling welcomed by your new colleagues, and so on.

But the moment your attention is snapped back to the present, your energy level drops and you feel like you’re back on the hamster wheel again.

3.    Youre constantly stressed, negative &/or unhappy

Not many can draw a distinct line between work and personal life. It is unavoidable that your mind goes on overtime long after you’ve knocked off. Your thoughts revolve around the incomplete tasks, pressing deadlines, delayed projects even when you’re out with your loved ones, or at home trying to unwind. You feel increasingly stressed.

To make matters more unbearable, you find it hard to see the positive and good in things. Being happy feels like a distant memory. You feel worn out as the days go on, and work becomes a drag.

Work becomes your life and there’s no time for you to shut off from work. Now, that’s a huge issue.

4.     You feel that the work environment is too toxic for you

Working with negative people can drain all the positivity and energy out of you over time. It’s hard to find happiness and joy in the work you do and the company you work with when your co-workers are always unhappy, disgruntled, full of complaints, unappreciative, or even manipulative and constantly engaged in office politics.

When all you want is enjoy the work you do, having to manage negative people and playing the positive cheerful role and being a peacemaker tire you out unnecessarily. This is when you feel you can thrive better in a work environment that nurtures and supports you instead of draining the life out of you. In a positive workplace where you can actively contribute and grow instead of pandering to the needs and whims of others.

5.    Your health is getting worse

Sometimes we may not be aware but our bodies actually do signal that it’s time for a break or for us to consider a new career.

You just need to take a step back and reflect. Compare how the state of your health before you entered your current company, and after. How often do you fall ill? How’s your fitness level?

Based on the previous points of stress, negativity, unhappiness and a toxic work environment, your body could have manifested ailments that you overlooked. Simple things like are you well rested every night? Are you always lethargic? Your eye bags are getting worse? You keep catching the flu?

Take a minute and do a quick review. If your health is compromised, getting ready for a new career might do your health more do than harm!

6.    You dont fit in 

Your co-workers may be friendly and supportive, your boss nothing short of encouraging but you just don’t feel like you don’t belong. Something seems to be lacking no matter how hard you try to fit in.

Or worse, you are always stressed, you feel bored and negative at work, you can’t get along with your co-workers and boss, and to top it off, you always felt out of place?

Now, that’s a bigger push for you to consider getting a new job.

7.     You dont believe in the company anymore

Everything may be good and rosy. Your colleagues are the best co-workers you’ve met, and your boss is very understanding. The pay is great and the benefits are attractive, you have every reason to stay, but the company’s policies have been changing to the point that you don’t believe in the company anymore.

All in the all, the people you work with makes you want to stay, but you just can’t agree with where the company is headed. And that’s the best case scenario.

What if the work environment is toxic and you don’t see eye to eye with the management? You simply don’t agree with the management decisions nor believe in the company anymore?

8.     Its time for a pay raise

Your boss praises you for doing a good job from time to time and asks you to keep up the good work. You have been serving at your current job for a really long time and everyone sees how much you’ve contributed.

But when it’s time for appraisal, your pay raise is so meagre that it can’t even cover your monthly transport expenditure. Maybe bonus seems okay, but the monthly increment is so insignificant that you wonder if your boss was just paying lip service to you all the time.

When you discuss with your colleagues about pay matters, even they get a shock because they sincerely feel that you deserve better and can command a higher pay in the industry with your experience and qualifications. Although most companies claim that salaries are confidential, come on, we all know we talk because that’s the best way we know how honest the company is.

9.    You feel that your potential is untouched

You work hard and would like to contribute to your team as much as you can. But for some reason, your boss favours your co-workers over you, delegating trivial or menial tasks to you when you know for sure you are capable of doing much more. Or maybe your boss doesn’t play favourites but just undermines your opinions or doesn’t value your inputs.

With so much to offer, and sure of your potential, you begin contemplating about the possibilities of unleashing your potential elsewhere. A new career might do the trick where you can offer so much more to new managers and colleagues who value you and what you can bring to the table.

10. You want to feel excited and proud of what you do

Which means currently you probably don’t feel so yet, but you want to. Instead of grovelling in your current situation and lamenting how bored you are, you are actually looking forward to having fun learning as you work and taking on challenging projects.

You want to feel excited about your work, get hands on and work with your team. When people ask you about what you do, you want to share with them what you do, what you’ve been up to and they actually are intrigued and interested to hear you share your enthusiasm about your work!

If you are unable to achieve this at your current job, then it’s time consider a new career that allows you to do so.

So here we have it, 10 signs youre ready for a new career.

It’s never too early or too late to consider a career change because every individual has his or her own learning curve and journey. So be true to yourself and don’t shortchange yourself. If it’s time for a new career, and you know it’s time, just know you’re ready and you can make the leap.

More than often, people are ready but they hold themselves back because of fear and uncertainty. We can never know anything for sure unless we put ourselves out there and try. So don’t give up and give it your best shot!

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