Preparing For A Video Conferencing Interview

The world is now a much smaller place thanks to globalization. This also means that what was earlier not given due thought has become commonplace today. Today HR managers have become used to hiring people from other cities and countries on a regular basis. But it also means that they are using advanced technology like video conferencing via the internet to conduct interviews.

Have you been asked to attend a video conferencing interview? You’re not sure of what the protocol is and how you’re supposed to act? Don’t worry. You’ve reached the right place.

  • Arrive early – Presuming your interviewers have asked you to come to a certain location in your city where they can hold the video conferencing interview, go early. Be there before time so you can scope out the place and see how the equipment works. Don’t feel shy to ask someone how things work. In fact, ask someone to help you set up everything whether or not you’re comfortable with technology.
  • Being prepared – On the other hand, you might be asked to conduct it from your house itself. So be prepared and make sure that you have your equipment ready. Also, make sure that you set up the interview at a place where there is considerably less noise, and the interviewers can see a professional background, instead of your messy room.
  • Dress adequately – Don’t think that because this is a video interview, you can take it easy by appearing in your PJs. OK, you might not go to that extent but do remember to dress as though you are appearing for an actual face to face interview. It’s important to appear well groomed.
  • Do a mock test – Try out a mock video interview with the help of a friend and you can analyze your gestures to see whether you have any nervous habits that might look odd to the interviewer.
  • Ask questions – Don’t get flustered because it’s not a conventional interview. Ask the same questions you would at a regular face to face interview and make sure that you convey the right expressions and attitude.
  • Being careful – The microphone can pick up small sounds so try and conduct the interview in a sound free environment, one where the interviewer won’t be privy to your child screaming or to your pen tapping nervously. Remember, your professional appearance extends to all these aspects as well.
  • Keep all you need close by – Just as with a telephonic interview, remember to keep everything important nearby. So, whether it is your resume or a pen and paper, keep them handy so you don’t leave the interviewer staring at blank space while you get up and go to retrieve them.
  • Make eye contact – Don’t feel shy to make eye contact and don’t feel self conscious. This is just as good as a regular interview and you will be taken into further consideration based on the same aspects here as well. So make sure everything about you is faultless whether it is your hair, appearance or how well you’re prepared to face this interview.

It’s not that tough to ace that interview if you follow the above pointers. One more important thing to remember is that when the interview comes to an end, do remember to end the video conference entirely and only then make any comments about the interview to anyone else. If you speak about the interviewers or the interview itself while the people on the ‘other’ side can hear it clearly, you won’t be making a good impression at all.

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