When opportunity does not present itself, sometimes you must go out and find it. When you are ready for a new career, we are here to work directly with you to find just the right opportunity you have been seeking. Over the years, we have helped many executives find better career opportunities with blue chip companies.

Career Builder – What Can You Expect?

We offer a variety of services to candidates who are in search of a new career opportunity. In addition to acting as a job search agency, we also work directly with clients to provide mentoring and coaching on critical areas such as interview protocols and how to advance your career. We also offer advice on creating a job search that will capitilise on your personality strengths and core competencies.

Career Builder

Candidates may also send us their updated resumes so that we may keep them informed of interesting career opportunities as they develop. We will also treat your confidential and personal information with the strictest confidence.

Job Agencies – Not Just Another Local Job Search

Rather than just looking for another job listing in Singapore or another location, we work with candidates to identify a range of employment locations that may suit their strengths and abilities. Although a local job search may often be fruitful, we will also expand a candidate’s job search and work with them to submit a job application that will provide them with the best opportunities possible. As an international employment agency, it is our goal to provide our clients and candidates with the best opportunities in the world. We do this by carefully seeking out opportunities and cultivating clients so that their true abilities shine through.

Personality Profiling

Wish to know yourself better? INTERNATIONAL WORKPLACE CONSULTING conducts personality profiling to help you discover your work behavorial traits and advise on job match.


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    7B Stanley Street
    Singapore 068726
    Tel (65) 6222 4977
    Fax (65) 6222 5226

  • Malaysia Office

    c/o CT- 7.15, Corporate Tower,
    Subang Square, Jalan SS15 / 4G,
    Subang Jaya. 47500 Selangor.

  • Contact Person

    To find out how we can help, contact Ms Jenny Ho or Mr Patrick Chan @ 6222 4977. Alternatively, you can send us an email here.