The best ways to build your personal brand

Are you planning to create a personal brand for your business? Are you clear about what you offer? Do you want to brand the idea that you have been nurturing? Are you sure about the idea? Irrespective of whether your answers are a confident yes or a disappointing no, the following article will help you change things for the better.

It’s not the brand but the image which is most important
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3 ways to manage your office misfit

Ever wondered what it feels like to be one of those guys who are differently able in your work place? Has it ever occurred to you why he has been hired by the company? Although he may seem like a misfit who doesn’t look like be assimilating well into your office culture, there is definitely a reason as to why he has been hired by the management team and the best suited answer to that is most likely to be that he/she has a certain amount of potential necessary for your company.

There are certain things that you should follow to deal with your office misfits. The following three are the best ways to do so:

Acknowledgement always works wonders
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Learn how to love your job again

Is the same old everyday routine bogging you down? Are you getting that feeling where you think your life is becoming very monotonous? Worry no more! Here are a few pointers to help you cope with the monotony of your everyday job.

Speak Up!

Take some time out and focus on the career prospects you may have. Go to your boss and talk it out with him/her. Explain that you are interested to know how to gain a better footing in your company. Make it clear that you are ready to take up more responsibilities and find out if there are any new opportunities befitting your qualifications. Learn how you can grow in your organization and ask for more challenges. This will not only help you achieve a better understanding of your immediate future, it will also help you become a more responsible and focused worker in your company. Remember growth is inevitable if you take the necessary steps towards it. Read more

Why job satisfaction doesn’t equate to retention

The professional network across the globe has evolved drastically in the past few years. Although it may seem very disturbing for employers but some facts and figures remain predominantly noticeable. No matter how hard employers try to retain talent in their work place, just a meager 15-20% of employees globally have no plans to change their respective jobs. Almost 45-50% of them are constantly on the look out to change their job and another 15-20% is already in talks with various professional networks while a whopping 20-25% of the employees have already considered their new job roles (either already have shifted base or are about to).

The figures are shocking, isn’t it? Well, not if they are looked at from a very different perspective.

What do all these facts mean?
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