How to Take Charge of Your Emotional Energy at Work

At the workplace, emotions can run high and out of control especially in stressful situations, project crunchtimes, or experiencing tension with colleagues.

Much have been written and researched on our emotions and energy, and how the two actually share a synergistic relationship.

According to Gaulin, Steven J. C. and Donald H. McBurney in Evolutionary Psychology, Prentice Hall, 2003. Chapter 6, p121 – 142, they stated that “Emotion is often the driving force behind motivation, positive or negative.” Read more

5 Surprising Reasons Why We Don’t Quit Jobs We Hate and How to Overcome Them

Ever wondered why it’s so difficult to actually get down to handing in that resignation letter despite hating your job so much?

Or have you met colleagues who complain to you repeatedly about how much they hate theirs jobs and that they are going to quit but never got around to doing it?

So why don’t people just quit their jobs pronto since they hate it so much? Why stay?

Here are five surprising but real reasons that show us how it really isn’t that easy to quit jobs we hate. And sometimes, it’s not all about the money. But the good news is that we can also overcome them and move on for the better.  Read more

How Work Friendships Can Create Positive Cultures

Keeping a clear divide between work and personal life may appear like the de facto stance for some, but it definitely is not as simple as it sounds.

And why is that so?

Working alongside your colleagues for almost eight hours for five working days a week amount to a substantial amount of time spent together.

As much as it seems like the time spent is purely on work, it is not necessarily so. The interactions and conversations that take place during work, breaks, lunch times, and after office hours do contribute to team bonding and development of friendships. Read more

How Do We Adapt to Virtual Work?

As the world accelerates with the relentless advancements in technology, all spheres of how we live our lives have been impacted. Inevitably, this includes the way we work.

Distancing ourselves further away from the days where paperwork is literally done with paper and manually, the introduction of computers, gadgets, software and automated processes has transformed how we work. Read more

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